Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel

Die leidende und am Creutz sterbende Liebe Jesu
(‘Ein Lämmlein geht und trägt die Schuld der Welt’)

Full score  £45.00 (plus postage)

128pp of music text, and 5pp of Critical Commentary including a discussion of performance issues. Hand stitched, cloth-bound.

For samples see the following links:

Betrachtung 1      Betrachtung 11      Betrachtung 18      Betrachtung 20      Betrachtung 22

Contact us by email if you wish to place an order

Vocal scores £22.00 (plus postage)

114pp of music text, ring bound.

Choral parts  (contains chorales and the two choruses in sections 20 and 21) are also available on request.

Instrumental parts are available for hire (please contact us to discuss you requirements). Each set consists of 1 each of the following: oboe, violin 1, violin2, viola and three basso continuo. There are separate sheets of the flauto (recorder), bassoon and viola da gamba solos.

Please note that the basso continuo parts are figured. If you require a written-out continuo part, please contact us.

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