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Instrument Hire

Contact us for more information on rates and availability. We look forward to hearing from you!

Baroque timpani 

Pair of timps 22 and 25 inch diameter heads which come with wooden cradles as illustrated, made by Hoffnung and Vanryne (1998). This are a fine set of timps providing a crisp, robust sound.

Double manual harpsichord 

Copy of a 1760 Parisian instument by Benoist Stehlin.
Two 8’choirs, 4’, buff stop with shove coupler.
Made by Michael Cole (1991). 

Listen to Couperin La Convalescente played on this instrument on YouTube here

Chamber organ

We are now able to offer for hire a Goetze & Gwynn chamber organ.
3 ranks of wooden pipes 8’, 4’, 2’
at either A 415 or 440 

Listen to this instrument on YouTube:
Giles Farnaby: Rosasolis here
William Byrd: Alman here

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